Fleetguard Filters Doha Qatar

Established in 1987, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited is India’s leading manufacturer of heavy duty Air, Fuel, Lube and Hydraulic filters, Air Intake Systems, Coolants and Chemical Products for On and Off highway applications. Fleetguard is a Cummins group company with a turnover of 9230 million. It is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier to renowned automotive and industrial engine and equipment manufacturers. Fleetguard has its manufacturing facility at Hosur, Jamshedpur, Pune and Sitarganj (Uttarakhand). Year 2010 has been a year of great achievement and happenings for Fleetguard filters India. One of the major achievements this year for Fleetguard is the 500 Crore mark. Fleetguard India is now a 500+ Cr company with an employee strength of 519.