Luber Finer Filters Doha Qatar

The story of Luber-finer® begins in 1936 in California developing around the racing circuits. In 1979, Luber-finer® became part of Champion Laboratories. Today, Champion Laboratories is one of the world’s largest makers of vehicle parts. This strong and vibrant affiliation provides an ideal platform for introducing Luber-finer® and its reliable OEM-grade quality products to a global customer base. Luber-finer® has combined engineering and manufacturing prowess with superior customer service to become one of the world’s most trusted filter brands. Luber-finer® has earned a reputation for offering quality filtration solutions for all automotive, on-highway trucking, and off-road trucks/vehicles, marine, mining, construction, agricultural and oil & gas industry applications. Ever since 1936 when we invented the Luber-finer® 750 truck by-pass oil filter, engineering excellence has been built into every filter Luber-finer® makes. As part of Champion Laboratories, we can leverage our world-class engineering, research and development to deliver the light or heavy-duty filtration product you demand.