Hengst Filters Doha Qatar

As to whether it was fate or a simple coincidence that the very name of Hengst (German for Stallion) builds a bridge between horse power, engines, oil and fuel filters, has been philosophized about for over half a century now. More precisely since 1958, when Walter Hengst set up his Ing. Walter Hengst KG in Münster, Germany. Thus, he laid the foundations for the eventful and successful development of a company which is now under the management of his grandson, Jens Röttgering and under its new name of Hengst SE. Founded during a time of many new beginnings and new developments, the company kept pace with the swiftly developing and fast-growing automotive industry and its continuously increasing requirements for filter products. This was the core business back then and it still is today. In retrospect, our company's history is also an exciting family history. It is important to remain aware of one's roots and of one's development. Primarily, however, looking back at our history strengthens our confidence and optimism for a safer future for our company and our employees. And our motto has always remained the same: "If it works, take it. If it doesn't work, leave it."